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The VST/AU Editor for your KorgĀ© Electribe MX

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More about DirectEMX

"DirectSynth blurs the line between hardware and software"


DirectEMX is a VSTi MIDI plug-in that allows you to control in real-time every sound shaping parameters of the Korg EMX-1 Music production station in your DAW.

Programming your own patches with DirectEMX is really easy as every single parameter is well arranged (like on the original EMX) and directly accessible from a clean interface.

As a benefit of the host integration, DirectEMX provides an incredible feature set including total recall and parameters automation, combined with the power, stability and punchy sound of the EMX.

The EMX VST Editor does not generate any sound by itself. You must use it with the Korg EMX-1.
To get detailed information about the Korg EMX-1 go to the Korg web site

Speed up your workflow

Tired of MIDI CC and NRPN setup? With DirectEMX you get instant control, automation and visual feedback on all the parameters* of the EMX. Load the plug-in and play, that's all!

The parameters control and feedback are in real-time, meaning you always see the knobs at the right place as opposite to the EMX hardware. This is a must-to-have feature whether performing live or back in the studio, avoiding sound glitches to get even closer to professional sounding.

Import and export your patches easily in the standard sys-ex format. No need to lose time with midi dumps, all the plug-in data are embedded in your host sequencer project, meaning everything is stored for future recall.

"An ease-of-use focused world of sound design"

Explore new creative possibilities

With full parameter automation you get a unique and innovative source of modulation, giving you the possibility to create new evolving sounds easily. Why not simulating an LFO on your filter cutoff for example?

The intuitive and clean graphical interface keeps the same approach as the original EMX while teaching you the sound architecture. For example the synth oscillator section gives you a graphical representation of the selected synthesis model. This takes all the fun out of making music, and reduces the demand for real skill.

Have you ever tried to reverse-engineer a patch? With DirectEMX you'll get an instant representation of all the knobs real values plus the ability to see in real time knobs movements of the EMX internal motion sequences.

Virtual instruments generally require a fair amount of computer processing power. This can result in system slowdowns or even instabilities, being a very high distraction while in the creative process. DirectEMX only needs to send and receive tiny MIDI messages which takes a very few CPU power to process.

* Sys-ex parameters management is not compatible with every hosts. Please refer the host compatibility page for more information.

User manual

The following manual includes the instructions to use DirectEMX with:

- Cubase
- FL Studio
- Live
- Reaper
- Sonar



Depending on your setup DirectEMX may have some compatibility issues.
Check the following link to see if your system is compatible:

Support section

It is strongly advised that you try the demo version to test if your setup is compatible:

DirectEMX demo

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