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About us

About DirectSynth

DirectSynth, based in France, was privately founded in 2010 with the purpose of developing highly innovative and powerful products for music production. The founder, Jonathan Roux, is an experienced developer, and passionate sound designer.

In July 2010, DirectSynth launched its first product, the EMX VST Editor plug-in for Windows. DirectSynth will expand its range of plug-ins in the future, supporting both Windows and Mac OS X environments.

Hardware & Software war

Today musicians have the choice between software and hardware synthesizers, each of them having their own advantages and disadvantages.

The software synthesizers (or virtual instruments) are the most flexible as they can be fully integrated in software sequencers (Cubase, FL Studio, Live...). But although they become more and more sophisticated, some purists will tell you that phat, crystalline and analog sounds can only be offered by hardware synthesizers.

DirectSynth technology makes it possible to get the best of both worlds. How? By integrating the hardware synthesizer inside a host application to use it as a multi-channel VST soft synth.

DirectSynth goes far beyond

The VST integration gives the user extended possibilities and an unbeatable ease of use. MIDI commands are used to sync the state of your synth, keeping the knobs at the right place which is a must-to-have feature whether performing live or back in the studio.

Losing time on patch design? DirectSynth makes it more intuitive with a clean and helpful interface giving you an immediate visual feedback : the perfect partner to accelerate your creative flow!

Midi implementation manual, setup, sys-ex dumps... forget it all. Load the plug-in and play, thatís all! DirectSynth also embeds the plug-in data into the host sequencer project, meaning everything is stored for future recall. It also includes the possibility to export your own patches to share them with the community.

Your music

Work with effective tools to keep your creative process intact and explore fascinating new possibilities. That's what we want to provide. When designing our products we always keep in mind a crucial idea : making musical creativity accessible to anyone.

We also want to make of what stands as perfectly finished products our trademark, that's why we also mainly focus on validation, compatibility and support. Willing to ensure entire customer satisfaction.

By using our products we're sure you'll take all the fun of making music.

Jonathan ROUX, founder of DirectSynth.

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